I Have a Question For You!


I have a question for you, everyone:

If I started an original audio-drama/radio-play series on YouTube that had nothing to do with Sonic, and instead starred my own characters, artwork, and concepts… would you be interested in watching it?

It would most likely involve cupcakes in some capacity. ♥


Production Shots: Sonic’s Nightmare Before Christmas

I haven’t uploaded any neat artwork lately, so here are some production screen shots from our 2011 Halloween musical, “Sonic’s Nightmare Before Christmas”. Last October, the SonicSong182 sang all the songs from Tim Burton’s popular film and I did some basic visuals for it. :) If you haven’t seen it, give it a watch!






Why didn't you go on the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride at Disneyland?

We actually did, and it would have been a Cream and Blaze ride, but the ride was too dark. It looked awful on camera because you couldn’t really see much of the scenery. ^_^;; In the end, that ride didn’t add much to the storyline at all, and Blaze and Cream already got a lot of scenes together, so I decided to leave it out all together. Sorry if it was one of your favorites, Ian! :)

OMG i can't believe i can ask you something and you can talk to me here i'm just a huge fan of your show and drawings thanks to you i've been inspired on drawing Sonic :D so i don't know how to thank you for this but seriously you're a big inspiration to me God Bless You :)

Aww, wow, thank you! :D I’m happy to hear that~! And sure, you guys can ask me some questions over here on Tumblr, though I think I should save most questions for the Directors Interviews that my sister Ames and I are supposed to be doing. xD Have a great day!

hi sonicsong182 I have one question do you like my little pony friendship is magic not real into the show but just asking

I only started watching episodes since March 2012, and yes, I do enjoy the show. :) The storylines and characters are a lot of fun, and I love how much effort the creators are putting into it. Plus, the musical numbers are awesome, haha ♥

hi i just want to say im a HUGE fan of yours! and i love your ask the sonic heroes series and id like to ask you if your a sonamy fan or a sonsally fan it doesnt mater if your not either of them i just want to know! :)

Hello~! ^__^ I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the series.

I think both pairings work just fine. :) I’m actually not very concerned with the different Sonic couples. I think some are cuter than others, but I accept all opinions. It always surprises me how much people fight about this sort of thing. ^_^


YESSSSS… ♥ I’m sort of hoping to use it as a blog, I guess.

Whens the next "Ask the Sonic Heroes" coming up and which team will it be asking questions to? I don't want to ask the wrong characters for this one, otherwise a question might have to be asked again if it can't be found, if you know what I mean.

Sorry~! I don’t know when the next episode will be coming out. It’s really tough to contact all of my voice actors and get together with them to record - we all live in different states, and different timezones! That makes scheduling pretty difficult. n__n;;

Also, don’t worry about which team is next. We collect questions pretty often, and save them in “question boxes”. That means that questions asked for, say, Espio the Chameleon, will be saved in Espio’s question box. We have questions in the characters’ boxes since the first week the show started!

Just be really creative with your questions - we don’t collect repeat questions, and HUNDREDS of people ask the very same questions all the time. xD You have to be creative, thoughtful, and interesting in order to avoid making repeat questions.

Good luck!

"Shadow and Marine Episode 4"
Video by ShadowAsSomberDark

I love the “Shadow and Marine” series! I love how random and crazy it is - it cracks me up. :) I got the provide the voice of Miles “Tails” Prower in this project… and I got to scream a lot. xD

Go visit ShadowAsSomberDark on YouTube and check out her videos! ^__^

"Ask the Sonic Heroes" - Updated Art Comparison

As you guys must’ve noticed in the newer episodes of “Ask the Sonic Heroes”, I’ve been using a completely new set of artwork for the characters. ^_^ It’s sort of fun to compare the artwork from “Season 1” and “Season 2”, though, so here are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose!

The newer artwork is their top picture, while the older artwork from the first episodes are the bottom pictures.